SITRA project aims at supporting individuals in acquiring and developing basic skills and key competences in order to foster employability and personal development. According to the priorities established by the Erasmus+ program, the project “supports and reinforces the development of key competences for all individuals throughout life. In a fast-changing world, this includes entrepreneurial mind-set, critical thinking and creativity, as well as skills in fields such as social and learning-to-learn competences”.

SITRA wants to raise awareness among entrepreneurs about the importance of soft skills in the selection process, both for themselves and also for the people they are hiring, especially developing strategies which encourage low-skilled or low-qualified adults, to improve and upgrade their skills.

The project works in the improvement of entrepreneurship, employability and productivity by giving agribusiness entrepreneurs a set of extra skills and weapons for their performance thanks to the contact with Emotional Intelligence and other soft skills.

Illustrator: Canan Bozkurt | Designer: Dilan Dogruyol

Intellectual Outputs

To achieve the objectives of the project three Intellectual Outputs were developed, tested and multiplied: Self Evaluation Tool (O1) was the departure point of the project, defining the 12 basic soft skills for entrepreneurs and generating a self-assessment system. SITRA training system (O2) was an useful tool with training pills and practical material. Finally, in ‘SITRA Train of Trainers’(O3) the project consortium developed a manual for facilitators to train soft skills with the final beneficiaries. All outputs produced are freely accessible for the public within and beyond the project lifetime. SITRA was likely to have sustainable direct impacts within and beyond the project lifetime on three target groups: 1) agricultural entrepreneurs, 2) their businesses, 3) Companies and organizations active in the field of training and training services. By creating training tools for improving soft skills in agribusiness entrepreneurs, the consortium expected to achieve the overall objective of the project: to highlight the importance of soft skills in entrepreneurship and raise awareness of its effect over productivity and survival of companies and jobs.